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1.       Q.  Can you mix most professional brand permanent hair color with JKS in the same formula?

2.       Q.   JKS semi-permanent color application mixing ratio is?

3.       Q.   How many shades in JKS Italian color line?

4.       Q. JKS Bleaching Powder comes in refill bags for less cost?

5.       Q. How can I apply JKS Bleaching powder to the scalp?

6.       Q. Does JKS have wet care and styling products to assist salon coloring services?

7.       Q. Which product helps eliminate continuous oxidation in the hair right after coloring service?

8.       Q. How many color correctors/intensifiers are in the JKS color line, and which are the right colors?

9.       Q. What does 7.33 / 7GG stands for in JKS color line?

10.   Q. What does 11.01 / ULA stand for in the JKS color line?

11.   Q. The mixing ratio of 10, 15, or 20 volume JKS cream developer for a standard permanent color application is?

12.   Q. The mixing ratio of demi permanent color application is?

13.   Q. The full processing time for a  15 or 20 Volume developer mixed color application is?

14.   Q. Does JKS 15 Volume Developer lift a shade?

15.   Q. Does JKS 20 Volume Developer lift a shade?

16.   Q. 40% or MORE White/Grey hair coverage suggested color formula mixing ratio is?

17.   Q. To color or lighten hair that has more than 70% white/gray hair, do you choose?

18.   Q What is the undertone/remaining pigmentation as you lift virgin hair to a level 6?

19.   Q. What is the undertone/remaining pigmentation as you lift virgin hair to a level 8?

20.   Q.  What type of a heat is recommended right after applying the color to the roots?

21.   Q. If you are going to lift one level of virgin hair, which developer would you choose?

22.   Q. If you are coloring 2 levels darker than present colored hair, the recommended level choice would be?

23.   Q. Can you use color correctors/intensifiers to create newer shades?

24.   Q. The recommended add on of color correctors/intensifiers on level 7 and lighter shades is?

25.   Q. Can you use Neutral / 00.00 on it’s own as a bleaching cream?

26.   Q.  Adding 1/6 of a tube of Neutral / 00.00 to ½  tube of any shade color can create

27.   Q. How many levels of a lift can be achieved with Neutral / 00.00 on it’s own?

28.   Q. To counteract unwanted yellow tones after bleaching , what is the recommended volume of a developer and shade of color

29.   Q. What is the recommended toner processing time on bleached, shampooed and towel dried, damp hair?

30.   Q. If the hair is very porous, bleached and colored numerous times, what is the recommended volume of developer and processing time of the toner?

31.   Q. Which is the recommended volume developer to lift 3 to 4 levels with JKS bleaching powder?

32.   Q. What is the recommended bleach on scalp application formula?